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Kane DM, 2011, Nanotechnology in Australia: Showcase of Early Career Research, Kane DM; Micolich AP; Rabeau J, (eds.), Pan Stanford, Singapore

Micolich AP, 2011, Proceedings of the 35th Annual Australian/New Zealand Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Micolich AP, (ed.)

Book Chapters

Amal R; Bai Y; Li Z; Wang L, 2016, 'Design of Novel Nanostructured Photoanode Materials for Low-Cost and Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications', in Kane D; Micolich A; Roger P (ed.), Nanomaterials Science and Applications, Pan Stanford, pp. 231 - 288,

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Edited Books

Kane DM; Micolich AP; Roger P, (eds.), 2016, Nanomaterials: Science and Applications, Pan Stanford, Singapore

Journal articles

Gluschke JG; Seidl J; Tan HH; Jagadish C; Caroff P; Micolich AP, 2020, 'Impact of invasive metal probes on Hall measurements in semiconductor nanostructures', Nanoscale, vol. 12, pp. 20317 - 20325,

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