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Stubbs J; Findlay L; McNamara L; Steel A, 2019, Submission to the NSW Sentencing Council’s review of sentencing for the offences of murder and manslaughter, including penalties imposed for domestic and family violence homicides and the standard non-parole periods for murder,

Clark S; Allan C; Kift S; Steel A, 2019, Redrafting the Academic Requirements for Admission, Law Admissions Consultative Committee, Melbourne,,

Steel A, 2018, Submission to Exposure Bill on Strengthening Penalties for Corporate and Financial Sector Misconduct, AISC Enforcement Review,

Steel A; Heath M; Hewitt A; Galloway K; Israel M; Skead N, 2018, Smart casual : towards excellence in sessional teaching in law : final report 2018.,

Barnes J; Dharmananda J; Goldsworthy J; Steel A, 2015, CALD Good Practice Guide for Teaching Statutory Interpretation, Council of Australian Law Deans,

Steel AD, 2013, Teaching Law in Broader Contexts: Good Practice Guide (Bachelor of Laws), Threshold Learning Outcome 1(b), Australian Learning and Teaching Council, Australia,,

Stubbs J; Steel A; Gibbon H; Young C, 2013, Submission to the NSW Government on the Exposure Draft Bill Crimes Amendment (Provocation) Bill 2013

Schwartz M; Baldry E; Cunneen C; Brown D; Brown M; Steel A, 2011, Submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission review of the Bail Act NSW (1978), Australia

Stubbs J; Steel A, 2010, Submission on the Review of the Bail Act and Draft Bail Bill 2010, Australia

Steel AD, 2007, From Larceny to Theft: Reform of property offences in New South Wales based on the Model Code/Theft Act Approach

Steel AD, 2004, Redefining Fraud: Proposed Reform of Fraud Offences in New South Wales based on the Model Code/Theft Act Approach, Criminal Law Review Division, NSW Attorney General's Dept

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