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Harrison R; Chauhan A; Le-Dao H; Minbashian A; Walpola R; Fischer S; Schwarz G, 2024, Achieving change readiness for health service innovations, ,

Khan M; Minbashian A; MacCann C, 2021, Post-print manuscript: College Students in the Western World are Becoming Less Emotionally Intelligent: A Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis of Trait Emotional Intelligence, ,

MacCann C; Erbas Y; Dejonckheere E; Minbashian A; Kuppens P; Fayn K, 2020, Post-print manuscript: Emotional Intelligence Relates to Emotions, Emotion Dynamics and Emotion Complexity, ,

MacCann C; Jiang Y; Brown L; Double KS; Bucich M; Minbashian A, 2019, Post-Print manuscript: Emotional Intelligence Predicts Academic Performance: A Meta-Analysis, ,

Anglim J; Morse G; Dunlop PD; Minbashian A; Marty A, 2019, Predicting Trait Emotional Intelligence from HEXACO Personality: Domains, Facets, and The General Factor of Personality, ,

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