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Xie R; Dempster AG, 2022, Efficient low-thrust trajectory data generation based on generative adversarial network, ,

Ihsan U; Wang Z; Malaney R; Dempster A; Yan S, 2019, Artificial Intelligence and Location Verification in Vehicular Networks, ,

Cheong JW; Dempster AG, 2018, Cross Correlation-based Direct Positioning for Wideband Sources using Phased Arrays, ,

Biswas S; Qiao L; Dempster A, 2016, Computationally Efficient Unscented Kalman Filtering Techniques for Launch Vehicle Navigation using a Space-borne GPS Receiver, ,

Biswas S; Qiao L; Dempster A, 2016, Position and Velocity estimation of Re-entry Vehicles using Fast Unscented Kalman Filters, ,

Biswas S; Qiao L; Dempster A, 2016, A Novel a priori State Computation Strategy for the Unscented Kalman Filter to Improve Computational Efficiency, ,

Tek FB; Dempster AG; Kale İ, 2016, Adaptive Gray World-Based Color Normalization of Thin Blood Film Images, ,

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