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Taylor RP; Viengkham C; Smith JH; Rowland C; Moslehi S; Stadlober S; Lesjak A; Lesjak M; Spehar B, 2024, 'Fractal Fluency: Processing of Fractal Stimuli Across Sight, Sound, and Touch', in , pp. 907 - 934,

Van Dusen B; Scannell BC; Sereno ME; Spehar B; Taylor RP, 2019, 'The Sinai Light Show: Using Science to Tune Fractal Aesthetics', in Frontiers Collection, pp. 313 - 333,

Mifsud N; Mannion D; Garbutt M; Spehar B, 2018, 'Decoding Visual Exploration in Static and Dynamic Visual Images', in Rourke A; Spehar B (ed.), PEDAGOGIES FOR THE VISUAL IN INNOVATIVE LEARNING, Common Ground Research Networks, Champaign, IL, pp. 5 - 16,

Rourke AJ; Spehar B, 2018, 'Promoting Innovation in Learning and Teaching through the Use of Visuals in Teaching', in Rourke AJ; Rees V (ed.), Pedagogies for the Visual in Innovative Learning, Common Grounds, Champaign, Illinois, pp. 1 - 4,

Spehar B; Clifford CWG, 2017, 'The Wedding Cake Illusion', in The Oxford Compendium of Visual Illusions, Oxford University PressNew York, pp. 442 - 447,

Taylor RP; Spehar B, 2016, 'Fractal Fluency: An Intimate Relationship Between the Brain and Processing of Fractal Stimuli', in DiIeva A (ed.), FRACTAL GEOMETRY OF THE BRAIN, SPRINGER, pp. 485 - 496,

Garbutt M; Spehar B, 2014, 'The Wanton Chase: Using Eye Tracking to Test Theories of Pictorial Composition in Landscape Painting', in Rourke A; Rees V (ed.), Researching the Visual: Demystifying "The Picture That's Worth a Thousand Words", Common Ground Publishing, Champaign IL, USA, pp. 32 - 56,

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Taylor RP; Newell BR; Spehar B; Clifford C, 2005, 'Fractals: A resonance between art and nature', in Emmer M (ed.), Mathematics & Culture II - Visual perfection: Mathematics and Creativity, edn. 1, Springer Publishing Company, Berlin, pp. 53 - 64

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