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Johnson KK; Koshy P; Kopecky C; Devadason M; Biazik J; Zheng X; Jiang Y; Wang X; Liu Y; Holst J; Yang JL; Kilian KA; Sorrell CC, 2024, 'ROS-mediated anticancer effects of EGFR-targeted nanoceria', Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A, 112, pp. 754 - 769,

Mann J; Farzana R; Aughterson RD; Dayal P; Sorrell CC; Koshy P; Gregg DJ, 2024, 'Characterisation of hot isostatically pressed (HIPed) hollandite wasteform-canister interaction zone', Journal of Nuclear Materials, 589,

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Amin ML; Mawad D; Dokos S; Sorrell CC, 2024, 'Comparative Bioactivities of Chemically Modified Fucoidan and λ-Carrageenan toward Cells Encapsulated in Covalently Cross-Linked Hydrogels', Biomacromolecules,


Samiee A; Shahmiri R; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'First-Principles Design of Alloy Systems, Part I: Effects of Solute Type, Concentration, and Distribution on Alloying and Mechanical Properties – As-Quenched Dilute Al (Mg, Si) Alloys', Advanced Engineering Materials, 25,

Su H; Nilghaz A; Liu D; Mehmood R; Sorrell CC; Li J, 2023, 'Degradation of phenolic pollutants by persulfate-based advanced oxidation processes: Metal and carbon-based catalysis', Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 39, pp. 1269 - 1298,

Jiang Y; Zhou S; Mofarah SS; Niu R; Sun Y; Rawal A; Ma H; Xue K; Fang X; Toe CY; Chen WF; Chen YS; Cairney JM; Rahman R; Chen Z; Koshy P; Wang D; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'Efficient and stable piezo-photocatalytic splitting of water and seawater by interfacial engineering of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3/Na0.5Bi4.5Ti4O15 self-generated heterojunctions', Nano Energy, 116,

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De Villenoisy T; Zheng X; Wong V; Mofarah SS; Arandiyan H; Yamauchi Y; Koshy P; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'Principles of Design and Synthesis of Metal Derivatives from MOFs', Advanced Materials, 35,

Luo Y; Zheng X; Vutukuri CV; Ho N; Atanacio AJ; Manohar M; Arandiyan H; Wang Y; Sorrell CC; S. Mofarah S; Koshy P, 2023, 'Tailored Fabrication of Defect-Rich Ion Implanted CeO2-x Nanoflakes for Electrochemical Sensing of H2O2', Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 170,

Shahmiri R; Standard OC; Hart JN; Bahmanrokh G; Yin Y; Samiee A; Gharagozlu N; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'Critical effects of thermal processing conditions on grain size and microstructure of dental Y-TZP during layering and glazing', Journal of Materials Science, 58, pp. 3854 - 3878,

Jiang Y; Toe CY; Mofarah SS; Cazorla C; Chang SLY; Yin Y; Zhang Q; Lim S; Yao Y; Tian R; Wang Y; Zaman T; Arandiyan H; Andersson GG; Scott J; Koshy P; Wang D; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'Efficient Cocatalyst-Free Piezo-Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution of Defective BaTiO3-x Nanoparticles from Seawater', ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 11, pp. 3370 - 3389,

K. Johnson K; Kopecky C; Koshy P; Liu Y; Devadason M; Holst J; A. Kilian K; C. Sorrell C, 2023, 'Theranostic Activity of Ceria-Based Nanoparticles toward Parental and Metastatic Melanoma: 2D vs 3D Models', ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 9, pp. 1053 - 1065,

De Villenoisy T; Zheng X; Wong V; Mofarah SS; Arandiyan H; Yamauchi Y; Koshy P; Sorrell CC, 2023, 'Principles of Design and Synthesis of Metal Derivatives from MOFs (Adv. Mater. 24/2023)', Advanced Materials, 35,

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Rastkerdar E; Aghajani H; Adabifiroozjaei E; Sorrell CC, 2022, 'Microstructural Characterization and Mechanical Properties of AA5083 Aluminum to AISI 1018 Steel Welds by Electro Spark Microwelding', Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies, 8, pp. 3962 - 3974,

Baghshahi S; Sorrell CC; Brungs MP; Kim HS, 2022, 'The Formation of a New Phase during Crystallization of TiO2-Doped Nd2O3-Al2O3-SiO2 Glasses', Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society, 81, pp. 22 - 29,

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Lui FHY; Wang Y; Yao Y; Mobbs RJ; Pogson RE; Koshy P; Lucien FP; Zhou D; Sorrell CC, 2021, 'Quiescent Mineralisation for Free-standing Mineral Microfilms with a Hybrid Structure', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 604, pp. 327 - 339,

Jiang Y; Chen WF; Ma H; Ren H; Lim S; Lu X; Bahmanrokh G; Mofarah SS; Wang D; Koshy P; Sorrell CC; Seifi Mofarah S, 2021, 'Effect of Bi/Ti ratio on (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3/Bi4Ti3O12 heterojunction formation and photocatalytic performance', Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9, pp. 106532,

Bhuiyan A; Wong V; Abraham JL; Aughterson RD; Kong L; Farzana R; Gregg DJ; Sorrell CC; Zhang Y; Koshy P, 2021, 'Phase assemblage and microstructures of Gd2Ti2-xZrxO7 (x = 0.1–0.3) pyrochlore glass-ceramics as potential waste forms for actinide immobilization', Materials Chemistry and Physics, 273,

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Lui FHY; Mobbs RJ; Wang Y; Koshy P; Lucien FP; Zhou D; Sorrell CC, 2021, 'Dynamic Mineralization: Low-Temperature, Rapid, and Multidirectional Process to Encapsulate Polyether-Ether-Ketone with Carbonate-Rich Hydroxyapatite for Osseointegration', Advanced Materials Interfaces, 8,

Lui FHY; Mobbs RJ; Wang Y; Koshy P; Lucien FP; Zhou D; Sorrell CC, 2021, 'Dynamic Mineralization: Low-Temperature, Rapid, and Multidirectional Process to Encapsulate Polyether-Ether-Ketone with Carbonate-Rich Hydroxyapatite for Osseointegration (Adv. Mater. Interfaces 15/2021)', ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, 8,

Mofarah SS; Schreck L; Cazorla C; Zheng X; Adabifiroozjaei E; Tsounis C; Scott J; Shahmiri R; Yao Y; Abbasi R; Wang Y; Arandiyan H; Sheppard L; Wong V; Doustkhah E; Koshy P; Sorrell CC, 2021, 'Highly catalytically active CeO2-: X-based heterojunction nanostructures with mixed micro/meso-porous architectures', Nanoscale, 13, pp. 6764 - 6771,

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