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Ma H; Liu Z; Koshy P; Sorrell CC; Hart JN, 2021, DFT Investigation of Biocatalytic Mechanisms from pH-Driven, Multi-Enzyme, Biomimetic Behavior in CeO2

Ma H; Ren H; Liu Z; Koshy P; Sorrell CC; Hart JN, 2021, DFT Investigation of pH-Driven Oxygen Vacancy Formation-Annihilation in CeO2

Liua Z; Ma H; Sorrell CC; Koshy P; Hart JN, 2020, Enhancement of light absorption and oxygen vacancy formation in CeO2 by transition metal doping: A DFT study

Liu Z; Shenoy J; Menéndez C; Hart JN; Sorrell CC; Cazorla C, 2019, Strain engineering of oxide thin films for photocatalytic applications

Hanaor DAH; Chironi I; Karatchevtseva I; Triani G; Sorrell CC, 2014, Single- and Mixed-Phase TiO2 Powders Prepared by Excess-Hydrolysis of a Titanium Alkoxide

Hanaor DAH; Sorrell CC, 2014, Sand Supported Mixed-Phase TiO$_2$ Photocatalysts for Water Decontamination Applications

Lau K-T; Sorrell CC, 2013, Electrophoretic mobilities of dissolved polyelectrolyte charging agent and suspended non-colloidal titanium during electrophoretic deposition

Hanaor DAH; Xu W; Ferry M; Sorrell CC, 2013, Abnormal grain growth of rutile TiO2 induced by ZrSiO4

Hanaor DAH; Michelazzi M; Veronesi P; Leonelli C; Romagnoli M; Sorrell CC, 2013, Anodic aqueous electrophoretic deposition of titanium dioxide using carboxylic acids as dispersing agents

Hanaor DAH; Triani G; Sorrell CC, 2013, Morphology and photocatalytic activity of highly oriented mixed phase titanium dioxide thin films

Hanaor DAH; Michelazzi M; Leonelli C; Sorrell CC, 2013, The effects of carboxylic acids on the aqueous dispersion and electrophoretic deposition of ZrO2

Hanaor DAH; Michelazzi M; Chenu J; Leonelli C; Sorrell CC, 2013, The effects of firing conditions on the properties of electrophoretically deposited titanium dioxide films on graphite substrates

Hanaor DAH; Assadi MHN; Li S; Yu A; Sorrell CC, 2012, Ab Initio Study of Phase Stability in Doped TiO2

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