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Goodnow CC; Christ D; Reed JH, 2018, 'Sequencing and affinity determination of antigen-specific B lymphocytes from peripheral blood', in Nevoltris D; Chames P (ed.), Antibody Engineering. Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press, New York, NY, pp. 287 - 309,

Goodnow CC, 2007, 'Glimpses into the Balance Between Immunity and Self‐Tolerance', in Ciba Foundation Symposium 204 - The Molecular Basis of Cellular Defence Mechanisms, Wiley, pp. 190 - 207,

Goodnow C, 2007, 'Closing Remarks', in Decoding the Genomic Control of Immune Reactions, pp. 208 - 209,

GOODNOW CC; MASON DY; JONES M; ADAMS E, 1993, 'Tolerant Autoreactive B Lymphocytes in the Follicular Mantle Zone Compartment: Substrates for Receptor Editing and Reform', in Molecular Mechanisms of Immunological Self-Recognition, Elsevier, pp. 25 - 36,

Davis MM; Goodnow C; Gascoigne NRJ; Lindsten T; Chien Y, 1986, 'Murine T-Cell Receptor Genes and the Problems of Cellular Recognition and Repertoire Selection', in Regulation of Immune Gene Expression, Humana Press, pp. 137 - 142,

Walker KZ; Boux HA; Hayden GE; Goodnow CC; Raison RL, 1985, 'A Monoclonal Antibody with Selectivity for Human Kappa Myeloma and Lymphoma Cells which has Potential as a Therapeutic Agent', in Microenvironments in the Lymphoid System, Springer Nature, pp. 833 - 841,

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