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Zhao C; Gondosiswanto R; Hibbert DB, 2018, 'Smart Ionic Liquids-based Gas Sensors', in Ionic Liquid Devices, edn. 28, Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 337 - 364,

Zhao C; Gunawan C; Ge M; Gondosiswanto R; Aldous L, 2016, 'Recent advances in ionic liquid-based gas sensors', in Koel M (ed.), Analytical Applications of Ionic Liquids, World Scientific Publishing Europe Limited, pp. 261 - 286,

Aldous L; Khan A; Hossain MM; Zhao C, 2014, 'Electrocatalysis in Ionic Liquids', in Hardacre C; Parvulescu V (ed.), Catalysis in Ionic Liquirds, edn. 15, Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 433 - 473,

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