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Zhang Y; Dastafkan K; Zhao Q; Li J; Zhao C; Liu G, 2024, 'Stable tetravalent Ni species generated by reconstruction of FeB-wrapped NiMoO pre-catalysts enable efficient water oxidation at large current densities', Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 341, pp. 123297 - 123297,

Chen J; He M; Hu A; Liu M; Zhao C; Zhou B; Li R; Yan Z; Pan Y; Fan Y; Liu J; Cao L; Long J, 2023, 'Artificial bi-functional layers promoting Zn2+ desolvation and homogeneous deposition for reversible zinc metal anodes', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 652, pp. 727 - 736,

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Li B; Dastafkan K; Shen Y; Wang L; Ma Y; Wang Z; Zhao C, 2023, 'Enhancing Adhesion of Electroless Copper Film on Smooth Polyimide Surfaces by Photocatalytic Oxidation', Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 170, pp. 092503 - 092503,

Lv H; Fan C; Xu X; Zhao C; Long J, 2023, 'Design of chromium-doped spinel Mn3O4 modulated electronic structure as an efficient catalyst for Li-O2 batteries', Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 953,

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Zhao T; Wang S; Jia C; Rong C; Su Z; Dastafkan K; Zhang Q; Zhao C, 2023, 'Cooperative Boron and Vanadium Doping of Nickel Phosphides for Hydrogen Evolution in Alkaline and Anion Exchange Membrane Water/Seawater Electrolyzers', Small, 19,

Jia C; Sun Q; Zhao C, 2023, 'From bulk metals to single-atoms: design of efficient catalysts for the electroreduction of CO2', Chemical Communications, 59, pp. 7731 - 7742,

Zhao C; Pan Y; Li R; Hu A; Zhou B; He M; Chen J; Yan Z; Fan Y; Chen N; Liu M; Long J, 2023, 'A safe anode-free lithium metal pouch cell enabled by integrating stable quasi-solid electrolytes with oxygen-free cathodes', Chemical Engineering Journal, 463,

Sun Q; Zhao Y; Tan X; Jia C; Su Z; Meyer Q; Ahmed MI; Zhao C, 2023, 'Atomically Dispersed Cu-Au Alloy for Efficient Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Monoxide to Acetate', ACS Catalysis, 13, pp. 5689 - 5696,

Pan Y; Zhao C; Hu A; Li R; Zhou B; Fan Y; Chen J; Yan Z; Su C; Long J, 2023, 'Band engineering in heterostructure catalysts to achieve High-Performance Lithium-Oxygen batteries', Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 635, pp. 138 - 147,

Xia Y; Cheng Y; Wang R; Meng Z; Meyer Q; Zhao C; Zhang H; Luo R; Li Y; Tang H, 2023, 'Porous nanosheet composite with multi-type active centers as an efficient and stable oxygen electrocatalyst in alkaline and acid conditions', Science China Materials, 66, pp. 1407 - 1416,

Müller-Hülstede J; Uhlig LM; Schmies H; Schonvogel D; Meyer Q; Nie Y; Zhao C; Vidakovic J; Wagner P, 2023, 'Towards the Reduction of Pt Loading in High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells – Effect of Fe−N−C in Pt-Alloy Cathodes', ChemSusChem, 16,

Lv H; Fan C; Xu X; Zhao C; Long J, 2023, 'Rational design to manganese-doped amorphous tetra-metallic oxides as efficient catalysts for Li–O2 batteries', Solid State Ionics, 391,

Wang S; Liu X; Chen X; Dastafkan K; Fu ZH; Tan X; Zhang Q; Zhao C, 2023, 'Super-exchange effect induced by early 3d metal doping on NiFe2O4(0 0 1) surface for oxygen evolution reaction', Journal of Energy Chemistry, 78, pp. 21 - 29,

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Tang J; Liang Z; Qin H; Liu X; Zhai B; Su Z; Liu Q; Lei H; Liu K; Zhao C; Cao R; Fang Y, 2023, 'Large-area Free-standing Metalloporphyrin-based Covalent Organic Framework Films by Liquid-air Interfacial Polymerization for Oxygen Electrocatalysis', Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 62,

Tang J; Liang Z; Qin H; Liu X; Zhai B; Su Z; Liu Q; Lei H; Liu K; Zhao C; Cao R; Fang Y, 2023, 'Large‐area Free‐standing Metalloporphyrin‐based Covalent Organic Framework Films by Liquid‐air Interfacial Polymerization for Oxygen Electrocatalysis', Angewandte Chemie, 135,

Guo H; Zhao C, 2023, 'An Emerging Chemistry Revives Proton Batteries', Small Methods, pp. e2300699,

Xiao Y; Dastafkan K; Su Z; Rong C; Zhao C, 2023, 'Decoupling the contributions of industrially relevant conditions to the stability of binary and ternary FeNi-based catalysts for alkaline water oxidation', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 11, pp. 19418 - 19426,

Zou Z; Dastafkan K; Shao Y; Zhao C; Wang Q, 2023, 'Electrocatalysts for alkaline water electrolysis at ampere-level current densities: a review', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,

Jia C; Zhao Y; Song S; Sun Q; Meyer Q; Liu S; Shen Y; Zhao C, 2023, 'Highly Ordered Hierarchical Porous Single-Atom Fe Catalyst with Promoted Mass Transfer for Efficient Electroreduction of CO2', Advanced Energy Materials,

Ahmed MI; Assafiri A; Hibbert DB; Zhao C, 2023, 'Li-Mediated Electrochemical Nitrogen Fixation: Key Advances and Future Perspectives', Small, pp. e2305616,

Fan M; Tao Z; Zhao Q; Li J; Liu G; Zhao C, 2023, 'Molecular Copper Phthalocyanine and FeOOH Modified BiVO4 Photoanodes for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation', Advanced Materials Technologies, pp. 2201835 - 2201835,

Liu S; Meyer Q; Jia C; Wang S; Rong C; Nie Y; Zhao C, 2023, 'Operando deconvolution of the degradation mechanisms of iron-nitrogen-carbon catalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells', Energy and Environmental Science,

Butson JD; Sharma A; Tournet J; Wang Y; Tatavarti R; Zhao C; Jagadish C; Tan HH; Karuturi S, 2023, 'Unlocking Ultra-High Performance in Immersed Solar Water Splitting with Optimised Energetics', Advanced Energy Materials,

Dastafkan K; Wang S; Song S; Meyer Q; Zhang Q; Shen Y; Zhao C, 2023, 'Operando monitoring of gas bubble evolution in water electrolysis by single high-frequency impedance', EES Catalysis,

Zhou B; Hu A; Zeng X; He M; Li R; Zhao C; Yan Z; Pan Y; Chen J; Fan Y; Liu M; Long J, 2022, 'Constructing fast ion-transport channels for reversible zinc metal anodes enabled by self-concentration effect', Chemical Engineering Journal, 450,

Liu S; Shu C; Yan Y; Ren L; Du D; Zeng T; Wen X; Xu H; Zhao C; Wang X; Tian G; Zeng Y, 2022, 'Regulating solvation environment of Li ions via high donor number anions for high-performance Li-metal batteries', Chemical Engineering Journal, 450,

Zhao X; Gao T; Ren W; Zhao C; Liu ZH; Li L, 2022, 'Highly active CoP-Co2N confined in nanocarbon enabling efficient electrocatalytic immobilizing-conversion of polysulfide targeting high-rate lithium-sulfur batteries', Journal of Energy Chemistry, 75, pp. 250 - 259,

Wu S; Chen J; Su Z; Guo H; Zhao T; Jia C; Stansby J; Tang J; Rawal A; Fang Y; Ho J; Zhao C, 2022, 'Molecular Crowding Electrolytes for Stable Proton Batteries', Small, 18,

Guo H; Wan L; Tang J; Wu S; Su Z; Sharma N; Fang Y; Liu Z; Zhao C, 2022, 'Stable colloid-in-acid electrolytes for long life proton batteries', Nano Energy, 102, pp. 107642 - 107642,

Zhao C; Sharma N, 2022, 'Editorial overview: Electrochemical materials and engineering 2022 Energy materials and concepts that enable a green and clean future', Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 35,

Zhao T; Wang S; Li Y; Jia C; Su Z; Hao D; Ni BJ; Zhang Q; Zhao C, 2022, 'Heterostructured V-Doped Ni2P/Ni12P5 Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution in Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers', Small, 18, pp. e2204758,

Jia C; Shi Z; Zhao C, 2022, 'The porosity engineering for single-atom metal-nitrogen-carbon catalysts for the electroreduction of CO2', Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 37, pp. 100651 - 100651,

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Müller-Hülstede J; Zierdt T; Schmies H; Schonvogel D; Meyer Q; Zhao C; Wagner P; Wark M, 2022, 'Implementation of different Fe–N–C catalysts in high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells – Effect of catalyst and catalyst layer on performance', Journal of Power Sources, 537,

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