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Al-Shaykh O; Neff R; Taubman D; Zakhor A, 2009, 'Video Sequence Compression', in Video, Speech, and Audio Signal Processing and Associated Standards, CRC Press, pp. 1 - 19,

Brusco N; Zanuttigh P; Taubman DS; Cortelazzo GM, 2008, 'Rate distortion theoretic approach to remote visualization of 3D models', in 3D Online Multimedia and Games: Processing, Transmission and Visualization, pp. 197 - 230,

Taubman DS, 2006, 'Advanced modeling and coding techniques for image compression', in Barni M (ed.), Document and Image Compression, CRC Press, NW, pp. 35 - 67

Taubman D; Chang E; Zakhor A, 1996, 'Directionality and Scalability in Subband Image and Video Compression', in Image Technology, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 681 - 743,

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