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Kee AJ; Hardeman EC, 2012, 'Thin filament diseases of striated muscle', in Cytoskeleton and Human Disease, Humana Press, Springer, Printforce, The Netherlands, pp. 123 - 140,

Nguyen MA; Hardeman EC, 2008, 'Mouse models for thin filament disease', in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Springer New York LLC, pp. 66 - 77,

Hardeman E; Arkell R; Brennan K; Dunwoodie S; Esser K; Gordon M; Joya J; Shalhoub C; Sutherland C, 1992, 'Skeletal muscle gene control and transgenic mice', in Kakulas B; Howell J; Roses A (ed.), Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Animal Models and Genetic Manipulation, edn. 1, Raven Press Ltd, New York, pp. 237 - 246

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