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Chowdary P; Hastie R; Lino T; Middleton A; Capes G; Humphries A; Abed-Ali A; Anderson M; Mol BWJ; Horne A; Lim E; Andrew P; Brownfoot F; Tong S, 2023, 'Oral vinorelbine to treat women with ectopic pregnancy: a phase 1 clinical safety and tolerability study', Fertility and Sterility, 120, pp. 695 - 696,

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Karimi L; Alves CL; Terp MG; Tuttolomondo M; Portman N; Ehmsen S; Johansen LE; Bak M; Lim E; Ditzel HJ, 2023, 'Triple combination targeting PI3K, ER, and CDK4/6 inhibits growth of ER-positive breast cancer resistant to fulvestrant and CDK4/6 or PI3K inhibitor', Cancer Communications, 43, pp. 720 - 725,

André F; Hee Park Y; Kim SB; Takano T; Im SA; Borges G; Lima JP; Aksoy S; Gavila Gregori J; De Laurentiis M; Bianchini G; Roylance R; Miyoshi Y; Armstrong A; Sinha R; Ruiz Borrego M; Lim E; Ettl J; Yerushalmi R; Zagouri F; Duhoux FP; Fehm T; Gambhire D; Cathcart J; Wu C; Chu C; Egorov A; Krop I, 2023, 'Trastuzumab deruxtecan versus treatment of physician's choice in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer (DESTINY-Breast02): a randomised, open-label, multicentre, phase 3 trial', The Lancet, 401, pp. 1773 - 1785,

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Lim E; Hamilton E; Palmieri C; Arkenau H-T; Brook S; Fisher G; Mazur A, 2023, 'Abstract OT1-02-02: A phase 1/2 study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of EP0062, an oral Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), for the treatment of AR+/HER2-/ER+ advanced breast cancer', Cancer Research, 83,

Downton T; Segara D; Ong A; Bingham J; Carson E-K; Chen J; Middleton K; Lindeman G; Parker A; Lim E, 2023, 'Abstract OT2-01-10: WinPro: A window of opportunity study of endocrine therapy with and without prometrium in postmenopausal women with early-stage hormone receptor-positive breast cancer', Cancer Research, 83,

Downton T; Karlsen E; Cuff K; Walpole E; Simpson F; Lim E, 2023, 'Abstract OT2-10-05: HER2Pro: A Phase 1b dose de-escalation study of high dose prochlorperazine added to paclitaxel, trastuzumab and pertuzumab in patients with previously untreated HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer', Cancer Research, 83,

Freelander A; laven-Law G; Eshraghi L; Geetha N; Somerville P; Pickering M; Alexandrou S; Caldon CE; Tilley WD; Hickey TE; Lim E, 2023, 'Abstract P4-08-16: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators in combination with CDK4/6 inhibitors demonstrate anti-cancer activity in preclinical treatment resistant ER+AR+ breast cancer models', Cancer Research, 83,

Lim E; Chavez M; Bardia A; Sohn JH; Moore HM; Shivhare M; Martinalbo J; Roncoroni L; Perez-Moreno PD; Martín M, 2023, 'Abstract PD13-04: PD13-04 Exploratory subgroup and biomarker analyses of acelERA Breast Cancer: Phase II study of giredestrant (GDC-9545) vs physician’s choice of endocrine therapy for previously treated, estrogen receptor+, HER2– advanced breast cancer', Cancer Research, 83,

Jhaveri K; Wang H-C; Ma C; Lim E; Tao JJ; Manso L; Pierga J-Y; Parajuli R; Gilarranz YJ; Lu Y-S; Beeram M; Larson T; Dhakal A; Ismail-Khan R; Karacsonyi C; Cao S; Osborne C; Estrem ST; Nguyen B; Li Y; Yuen E, 2023, 'Abstract PD13-12: PD13-12 Imlunestrant, an oral selective estrogen receptor degrader, in combination with abemaciclib with or without an aromatase inhibitor, in estrogen receptor-positive advanced breast cancer: Results from the phase 1a/b EMBER study', Cancer Research, 83,

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Wong V; de Boer R; Baron-Hay S; Blum R; Boyle F; Chua S; Clarke K; Cuff K; Green M; Lim E; Mok K; Nott L; Nottage M; Tafreshi A; Tsoi D; Uccellini A; Hong W; Gibbs P; Lok SW, 2022, 'Real-World Outcomes of Ribociclib and Aromatase Inhibitor Use in First Line Hormone Receptor Positive, HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer', Clinical Breast Cancer, 22, pp. 792 - 800,

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Berthelet J; Foroutan M; Bhuva DD; Whitfield HJ; El-Saafin F; Cursons J; Serrano A; Merdas M; Lim E; Charafe-Jauffret E; Ginestier C; Ernst M; Hollande F; Anderson RL; Pal B; Yeo B; Davis MJ; Merino D, 2022, 'Computational Screening of Anti-Cancer Drugs Identifies a New BRCA Independent Gene Expression Signature to Predict Breast Cancer Sensitivity to Cisplatin', Cancers, 14,

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Martin Jimenez M; Lim E; Chavez Mac Gregor M; Bardia A; Wu J; Zhang Q; Nowecki Z; Cruz F; Safin R; Kim S-B; Schem C; Montero A; Khan S; Bandyopadhyay R; Shivhare M; Patre M; Martinalbo J; Roncoroni L; Pérez-Moreno PD; Sohn J, 2022, '211MO Giredestrant (GDC-9545) vs physician choice of endocrine monotherapy (PCET) in patients (pts) with ER+, HER2– locally advanced/metastatic breast cancer (LA/mBC): Primary analysis of the phase II, randomised, open-label acelERA BC study', Annals of Oncology, 33, pp. S633 - S634,

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