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Anseel F; Martinescu E, 2020, Praise from a self-enhancement perspective: More, I want more?, ,

Kniffin KM; Narayanan J; Anseel F; Antonakis J; Ashford S; Bakker AB; Bamberger P; Bapuji H; Bhave DP; Choi VK; Creary SJ; Demerouti E; Flynn F; Gelfand M; Greer L; Johns G; Kesebir S; Klein PG; Lee SY; Ozcelik H; Petriglieri JL; Rothbard N; Rudolph C; Shaw JD; Sirola N; Wanberg CR; Whillans A; Wilmot MP; van vugt M, 2020, COVID-19 and the Workplace: Implications, Issues, and Insights for Future Research and Action, ,

Van Lysebetten S; Anseel F; Sanchez DR, 2020, The effects of situation variability in a simulation-based training for implicit innovation knowledge, ,

Anseel F; Ong M, 2020, Reflection: Behavioral Strategies to Structure and Accelerate Learning from Experience., ,

Anseel F; Brutus S, 2019, Checking in? A dyadic and dynamic perspective on feedback conversations, ,

Levecque K; Anseel F; De Beuckelaer A; Van der Heyden J; Gisle L, 2017, Work organization and mental health problems in PhD students, ,

Poortvliet M; Anseel F, Good Samaritans and Ugly Tacticians: How Mastery and Performance Goal Individuals Treat Less Well-Off Others, ,

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