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Mujtaba A; Islam F; Kaeding P; Lindemann T; Prusty BG, 2022, Machine-Learning based process monitoring of automated composites manufacturing to enable digital twin development,

Air A; Shamsuddoha M; Oromiehie E; Prusty BG, 2022, Development of an Automated Fibre Placement-based Hybrid Composite Wheel for a Solar Powered Car,

Raju R; Loy CW; Cho K; Farrar P; Prusty BG, 2022, Short S-Glass fibre reinforced polymer composites: design, manufacture and tribological performance on the influence of fibre length and concentration,

Herath MT; Natarajan S; Prusty BG; John NS, 2013, Smoothed Finite Element and Genetic Algorithm based optimization for Shape Adaptive Composite Marine Propellers,

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