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Prusty G; McCarthy T; Ojeda R; White T; Pearce G; Mashiri F; Doh J-H; Marcus N; Burton L; Meyer J; Ford R; James M, 2015, The Virtual Workshop: An on-line adaptive resource for engineering and architecture - Final Report 2015

Kelly D; Crosky A; Gosse J; Pearce GM; Lim SH; Prusty G; Christensen S; Georgiadis S, 2014, Experimental Validation of the Strain Invariant Failure Theory for Carbon/Epoxy Composites, LP100200607

Mikulik Z; Prusty BG; Thomson RS; Kelly DW, 2007, Application of fracture mechanics based methodologies for failure predictions in composite structures, Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures Limited, Victoria, Australia, CRC-ACS EP 07006

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