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Carey G; Weier M; Muir K; Barnes E, 2020, MOVING THE CONVERSATION FORWARD A decade of reform recommendations for the community services sector,

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Dickinson H; Smith C; Carey N; Carey G, 2019, ROBOTS AND THE DELIVERY OF CARE SERVICES,

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Green C; Malbon E; Carey G; Reeders D; Dickinson H, 2018, Competition and collaboration between service providers in the NDIS,

Green C; Dickinson H; Carey G, 2018, Debates in disability and health policy: Health inequities and the social determinants of health for working age Australians with disability, Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health, Melbourne, Australia

Green C; Dickinson H; Carey G, 2017, ACT Government emergency material and financial aid report, Public Service Research Group, University of New South Wales Canberra

Smyth P; Malbon E, 2016, Social Service Futures and the Productivity Commission,

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