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Yaxley KJ; Joiner K; Abbass H; Bogais J, 2020, 'Life-learning of smart autonomous systems for meaningful human-autonomy teaming (accepted)', in Handley H; Tolk A (ed.), A Framework for Human System Engineering Applications and Case Studies, IEEE Wiley

Abbass HA, 2020, 'An Introduction to Neuroergonomics: From Brains at Work to Human-Swarm Teaming', in Cognitive Science and Technology, pp. 3 - 10,

Wang M; Abbass H; Hu J, 2018, 'EEG-based biometrics for person identification and continuous authentication', in Awad AI; Fairhurst M (ed.), Information Security Foundations Technologies and Applications, IET,

Abbass HA; Scholz J; Reid DJ, 2018, 'Foundations of Trusted Autonomy Preface', in Abbass HA; Scholz J; Reid DJ (ed.), FOUNDATIONS OF TRUSTED AUTONOMY, SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, pp. IX - IX,

Abbass HA; Scholz J; Reid DJ, 2018, 'Foundations of trusted autonomy: An introduction', in Foundations of Trusted Autonomy, Springer, pp. 1 - 12,

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