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Liu J; Singh H; Elsayed S; Hunjet R; Abbass H, 2023, Planning-Assisted Context-Sensitive Autonomous Shepherding of Dispersed Robotic Swarms in Obstacle-Cluttered Environments,

Hepworth A; Hussein A; Reid D; Abbass H, 2022, Contextually Aware Intelligent Control Agents for Heterogeneous Swarms,

Hepworth A; Hussein A; Reid D; Abbass H, 2022, Contextually Aware Intelligent Control Agents for Heterogeneous Swarms,

Dong X; Garratt MA; Anavatti SG; Abbass HA; Dong J, 2022, Lightweight Monocular Depth Estimation with an Edge Guided Network,

Dam T; Ferdaus MM; Pratama M; Anavatti SG; Jayavelu S; Abbass HA, 2022, Latent Preserving Generative Adversarial Network for Imbalance classification,

Hepworth A; Hussein A; Reid D; Abbass H, 2022, Swarm Analytics: Designing Information Markers to Characterise Swarm Systems in Shepherding Contexts,

Nguyen DT; Kasmarik K; Abbass H, 2022, Fusing Interpretable Knowledge of Neural Network Learning Agents For Swarm-Guidance,

Hepworth AJ; Baxter DP; Abbass HA, 2022, Onto4MAT: A Swarm Shepherding Ontology for Generalised Multi-Agent Teaming,

Dong X; Garratt MA; Anavatti SG; Abbass HA, 2021, MobileXNet: An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Monocular Depth Estimation,

Dong X; Garratt MA; Anavatti SG; Abbass HA, 2021, Towards Real-Time Monocular Depth Estimation for Robotics: A Survey,

Dam T; Swami N; Anavatti SG; Abbass HA, 2021, Multi-Fake Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks for Imbalance Hyperspectral Image Classification,

Dam T; Ferdaus MM; Anavatti SG; Jayavelu S; Abbass HA, 2021, Does Adversarial Oversampling Help us?,

Dam T; Anavatti SG; Abbass HA, 2021, Improving ClusterGAN Using Self-AugmentedInformation Maximization of Disentangling LatentSpaces,

Dam T; Anavatti SG; Abbass HA, 2020, Mixture of Spectral Generative Adversarial Networks for Imbalanced Hyperspectral Image Classification,

Nguyen HT; Garratt M; Bui LT; Abbass H, 2020, Disturbances in Influence of a Shepherding Agent is More Impactful than Sensorial Noise During Swarm Guidance,

Elsayed S; Singh H; Debie E; Perry A; Campbell B; Hunjet R; Abbass H, 2020, Path Planning for Shepherding a Swarm in a Cluttered Environment using Differential Evolution,

Nguyen TD; Kasmarik KE; Abbass HA, 2020, Q-Learning with Differential Entropy of Q-Tables,

Nguyen HT; Nguyen TD; Tran VP; Garratt M; Kasmarik K; Anavatti S; Barlow M; Abbass HA, 2020, Continuous Deep Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Ground-Air Swarm Shepherding,

Nguyen DT; Kasmarik KE; Abbass HA, 2020, Towards Interpretable ANNs: An Exact Transformation to Multi-Class Multivariate Decision Trees,

Abbass HA; Elsawah S; Petraki E; Hunjet R, 2020, Machine Education: Designing semantically ordered and ontologically guided modular neural networks,

Long NK; Sammut K; Sgarioto D; Garratt M; Abbass H, 2019, A Comprehensive Review of Shepherding as a Bio-inspired Swarm-Robotics Guidance Approach,

Abbass H; Harvey J; Yaxley K, 2018, Lifelong Testing of Smart Autonomous Systems by Shepherding a Swarm of Watchdog Artificial Intelligence Agents,

Nguyen H; Tran V; Nguyen T; Garratt M; Kasmarik K; Barlow M; Anavatti S; Abbass H, 2018, Apprenticeship Bootstrapping Via Deep Learning with a Safety Net for UAV-UGV Interaction,

Hussein A; Ghignone L; Nguyen T; Salimi N; Nguyen H; Wang M; Abbass HA, 2018, Towards Bi-Directional Communication in Human-Swarm Teaming: A Survey,

Abbass H; Greenwood G; Petraki E, 2018, The N-Player Trust Game and its Replicator Dynamics,

Tang J; Abbass HA, 2018, Behavioral Learning of Aircraft Landing Sequencing Using a Society of Probabilistic Finite State Machines,

Tang J; Leu G; Abbass H, 2018, Networking the Boids is More Robust Against Adversarial Learning,

Leu G; Abbass H, 2018, A Multi-Disciplinary Review of Knowledge Acquisition Methods: From Human to Autonomous Eliciting Agents,

Leu G; Abbass H, 2018, Computational Red Teaming in a Sudoku Solving Context: Neural Network Based Skill Representation and Acquisition,

Leu G; Tang J; Abbass H, 2018, On the role of working memory in trading-off skills and situation awareness in Sudoku,

Tang J; Petraki E; Abbass H, 2018, Shaping Influence and Influencing Shaping: A Computational Red Teaming Trust-based Swarm Intelligence Model,

Chica M; Chiong R; Ramasco J; Abbass H, 2017, Effects of update rules on networked N-player trust game dynamics,

Abbass HA; Leu G; Merrick K, 2016, A Review of Theoretical and Practical Challenges of Trusted Autonomy in Big Data,

Iorio AW; Abbass HA; Gaidow S; Bender A, 2014, Visualizing Cognitive Moves for Assessing Information Perception Biases in Decision Making,

Whitacre JM; Bender A; Baker S; Fan Q; Sarker RA; Abbass H, 2009, Network Topology and Time Criticality Effects in the Modularised Fleet Mix Problem,

Wesolkowski S; Mazurek M; Whitacre JM; Bender A; Abbass H, 2009, Robustness and Adaptiveness Analysis of Future Fleets,

Abbass H; Bender A; Dam H; Baker S; Whitacre JM; Sarker R, 2009, Computational Scenario-based Capability Planning,

Whitacre JM; Abbass HA; Sarker R; Bender A; Baker S, 2009, Strategic Positioning in Tactical Scenario Planning,

Vahidnia S; Abbasi A; Abbass H, A Temporal Ontology Guided Clustering Methodology with a Case Study on Detection and Tracking of Artificial Intelligence Topics,

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