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Weaver AJ; Eby M; Wiebe EC; Bitz CM; Duffy PB; Ewen TL; Fanning AF; Holland MM; MacFadyen A; Matthews HD; Meissner KJ; Saenko O; Schmittner A; Wang H; Yoshimori M, 2019, 'The UVic Earth System Climate Model: Model Description, Climatology, and Applications to Past, Present and Future Climates', in Data, Models and Analysis, Routledge, pp. 169 - 236,

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Clark PU; Hostetler SW; Pisias NG; Schmittner A; Meissner K, 2007, 'Mechanisms for an ~7-kyr climate and sea-level oscillation during marine isotope stage 3', in Schmittner A; Chiang JCH; Hemmings S (ed.), Ocean Circulation: Mechanisms and Impacts Past and future Changes of Meridional Overturning (Geophysical Monograph), Amer Geophysical Union, pp. 209 - 246

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