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Millear A; Slattery J; Johnson K, 2023, 'In response to: “It should be more outspoken and not hushed away, not like put in a dark box”: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of experiences of menopause voiced by women with learning disabilities (Katie Langer-Shapland, Stephen J. Minton, Nel Richards)', British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 51, pp. 613 - 616,

Robinson S; Hall E; Fisher KR; Graham A; Johnson K; Neale K, 2023, 'Using the ‘in-between’ to build quality in support relationships with people with cognitive disability: the significance of liminal spaces and time', Social and Cultural Geography, 24, pp. 175 - 194,

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Robinson S; Fisher K; Ikaheimo H; Graham A; Rozengarten T; Johnson K, 2022, 'Recasting ‘harm’ in support: Misrecognition between people with intellectual disability and paid workers', Disability & Society,

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