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Denny-Smith G; Sunindijo RY; Williams M; Loosemore M; Piggott L, 2024, 'A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Social Value of Indigenous Procurement Policies in the Australian Construction Industry', in Akotia J; Awuzie BO; Egbu C (ed.), Mixed Methods Research Design for the Built Environment, Routledge, Milton Park,

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Piggott L; Winchester-Seeto T, 2023, '‘Ready for anything: adaptive curriculum design for interdisciplinary team projects in Work Integrated Learning’', in Jamil G; Morley D (ed.), Agile Learning Environments amid Disruption Evaluating Academic Innovations in Higher Education during COVID-19, Palgrave Macmillan, Switzerland, pp. 209 - 226,

Piggott L; Winchester-Seeto T, 2022, 'Ready for Anything: Adaptive Curriculum Design for Interdisciplinary Team Projects in Work Integrated Learning', in Agile Learning Environments amid Disruption: Evaluating Academic Innovations in Higher Education during COVID-19, pp. 209 - 226,

Piggott L; Winchester-Seeto T, 2022, '‘Case Study: The Practice of Work – University of New South Wales’', in Designing Learning for Intensive Modes of Study, Higher Education and Research Society of Australasia, Australia, pp. 64 - 66

Piggott L, 2014, '"Energy Security and Democracy Promotion in the Middle East: A Bush-Obama Continuum?"', in Akbarzadeh S; MacQueen B; Piscatori J; Saikal A (ed.), American Democracy Promotion in a Changing Middle East, Routledge

Piggott L, 2013, '"An Emergent Trans-Asian Energy Nexus: Likely Costs and Possible Benefits"', in Hoh A; Wheeler B (ed.), East by Mid-East: Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities, Equinox, Sheffield, UK

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Piggott L, 2009, '"Political Islamist Groups in Australia"', in Rubin B (ed.), Global Survey of Islamism, M.E. Sharpe, Armonk, New York

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Piggott L, 2002, '"Scratching Beneath the Surface"', in Salusinszky G; Melleuish I (ed.), Blaming Ourselves September 11 and the Agony of the Left, Duffy & Shellgrove, Sydney, Australia

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