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Wong H; Mao L; Aggleton P, 2021, ''You can reject me; I can also reject you’: Intersections of migration, race/ethnicity, and sexuality among Chinese diasporic gay men in Australia', in Zhou YR; Sinding C; Goellnicht D (ed.), Sexualities, Transnationalism, and Globalisation New Perspectives, Routledge, London,

Mao L, 2005, 'HIV transmission, behavioural surveillance and HIV vaccine trial in Australia (Aodaliya HIV de chuanbo, xiangguan xingwei jiance yu yimiao yanzhi)', in Gao YJ; Gao YN (ed.), The social immunity of AIDS (Aizibing de shehui mianyi): Fudan University academic forum [Chinese], Fudan University Press, Shanghai, pp. 411 - 429

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