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Brener L; Horwitz R; Cama E; Vu HMK; Jin D; WU E; Rance J; Broady T; Treloar C; Mao L; Okeke S; Bryant J, 2024, “We are studying abroad and need to protect ourselves first”: A mixed-methods study of attitudes towards hepatitis B among university students in Australia of Chinese and Vietnamese background, ,

Tao X; Mao L; Zhang P; Ma X; Liang Z; Sun K; Peiris D, 2023, Barriers and Facilitators to Primary Care Management of Type 2 Diabetes in China: A Mixed Methods Study, ,

Abraham E; Chow EPF; Fairley C; Lee D; Kong FYS; Mao L; Goller J; Medland N; Bavinton B; Sudarto B; Joksic S; Wong J; Phillips T; Ong J, 2022, eSexualHealth: Preferences to Use Technology to Promote Sexual Health Among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Trans and Gender Diverse People, ,

Tao X; Zhang X; Mao L; Zhang P; Peiris D, Status, Functions, and Quality of Mobile Applications for Type 2 Diabetes Care in China: Survey Based on App Markets, ,

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