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Ravelli L; Wu X, 2022, 'Introducing Spatial Discourse Analysis: A multimodal case study of a university library in mainland China', in Wang Z; Wang P (ed.), Appliable Studies of Linguistics (Yǔyanxu de Shiyong Yanjiū), Peking University Press

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Ravelli L; Paltridge B; Starfield S, 2014, 'Diversity in Creative and Performing Arts doctoral writing: a way forward', in Ravelli L; Paltridge B; Starfield S (ed.), Doctoral Writing in the Creative and Performing Arts, pp. 389 - 406,

Starfield S; Ravelli LJ; Paltridge B; Tuckwell K; Nicholson S, 2014, 'Genre in the creative-practice doctoral thesis: Diversity and unity', in Garzone G; Ilie C (ed.), Genres and genre theory in transition, BrownWalker Press, Boca Raton, Florida USW, pp. 89 - 105,

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