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Alshekaili J;Chand R;Lee CE;Corley S;Kwong K;Papa I;Fulcher DA;Randall KL;Leiding JW;Ma CS;Wilkins MR;Uzel G;Goodnow CC;Vinuesa CG;Tangye SG;Cook MC, 2018, 'STAT3 regulates cytotoxicity of human CD57+ CD4+ T cells in blood and lymphoid follicles', Scientific Reports, vol. 8,

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Yagoub D;Hart-Smith G;Moecking J;Erce MA;Wilkins MR, 2015, 'Yeast proteins Gar1p, Nop1p, Npl3p, Nsr1p, and Rps2p are natively methylated and are substrates of the arginine methyltransferase Hmt1p', Proteomics, vol. 15, pp. 3209 - 3218,

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Yap JY S;Rohner T;Greenfield A;Van Der Merwe M;McPherson H;Glenn W;Kornfeld G;Marendy E;Pan AY H;Wilton A;Wilkins MR;Rossetto M;Delaney SK, 2015, 'Complete chloroplast genome of the Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis): Structure and evolution', PLoS ONE, vol. 10,

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Tan MK;Collins D;Chen Z;Englezou A;Wilkins MR, 2014, 'A brief overview of the size and composition of the myrtle rust genome and its taxonomic status', Mycology, vol. 5, pp. 52 - 63,

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