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Ravelli L; Vanleeuwen T; Höllerer MA; Jancsary D, 2023, Organizational Semiotics: Multimodal Perspectives on Organization Studies,

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Höllerer MA, 2012, Between creed, rhetoric facade, and disregard: Dissemination and theorization of corporate social responsibility in Austria, Original, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main et al.

Book Chapters

Ravelli L; Vanleeuwen T; Höllerer MA; Jancsary D, 2023, '‘Organizational semiotics': Toward an integrated research agenda', in Organizational Semiotics: Multimodal Perspectives on Organization Studies, pp. 1 - 24,

Jancsary D; Höllerer MA; Ravelli L; Vanleeuwen T, 2023, 'Social semiotics and organization studies: Building an effective bridge', in Organizational Semiotics: Multimodal Perspectives on Organization Studies, pp. 25 - 53,

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Höllerer MA; Meyer RE; Lounsbury M, 2017, 'Constructing domains of corporate social responsibility: A politicization of corporations at the expense of a de-politicization of society?', in New Themes in Institutional Analysis: Topics and Issues from European Research, pp. 194 - 223

Lok J; Hwang H; Hoellerer MA, 2017, '"Managers to the Rescue!" Evaluating the Legacy of Stewardship Theory from an Institutional Perspective', in Qiu JX; Luo B; Jackson C; Sanders K (ed.), ADVANCING ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY IN A COMPLEX WORLD, ROUTLEDGE, pp. 116 - 131,

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Edited Books

Ravelli L; Van Leeuwen T; Hoellerer M; Jancsary D, (eds.), 2023, Organizational Semiotics: Multimodal Perspectives on Organization Studies, Routledge, London,

Höllerer M; Daudigeous T; Jancsary D, (eds.), 2017, Multimodality, meaning, and institutions

Journal articles

Gümüşay AA; Meyer RE; Höllerer MA, 2024, 'Committed Actors, Institutional Complexity, and Pathways to Compromise: The Emergence of Islamic Banking in Germany', Journal of Management Studies,

Meyer RE; Leixnering S; Kornberger M; Jancsary D; Höllerer MA, 2024, 'Ernst Cassirer and the Symbolic Foundation of Institutions', Journal of Management Studies,

Cornelissen J; Höllerer MA; Boxenbaum E; Faraj S; Gehman J, 2024, 'Large Language Models and the Future of Organization Theory', Organization Theory, 5,

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Beveridge A; Höllerer MA, 2023, 'Theorizing Organizational Benevolence', Organization Science,

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Höllerer MA; Geiger D, 2022, 'Academia in the Post-Pandemic World: Leapfrogging into the Unknown – Tales from Organizing EGOS 2020', Journal of Management Studies, 59, pp. 843 - 850,

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Hoellerer M; Barberio V; Meyer RE; Jancsary D, 2018, 'Organizational Boundaries in Fluid Forms of Production: The Case of Apache Open-source Software', Research in the Sociology of Organizations

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