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Edited Books

Santamouris M; Kolokotsa D, (ed.), 2016, Urban climate mitigation techniques, Taylor & Francis,

Boemi SN; Irulegi O; Santamouris M, (eds.), 2015, Energy performance of buildings: Energy efficiency and built environment in temperate climates, Springer,

Santamouris M; Asimakopoulos D, (ed.), 2013, Passive Cooling of Buildings, Earthscan

Kolokotsa D; Santamouris M; Akbari H, (eds.), 2013, Advances in the development of cool materials for the built environment, Bentham Science Publishers,

Mumovic D; Santamouris M, (ed.), 2009, A Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering An Integrated Approach to Energy, Health and Operational Performance, BEST (Buildings Energy and Solar Technology), Routledge

Santamouris M, (ed.), 2007, Advances in passive cooling, Earthscan,

Wouters P; Santamouris M, (ed.), 2006, Building ventilation: The state of the art, Earthscan,

Santamouris M, (ed.), 2006, Environmental Design of Urban Buildings An Integrated Approach, Routledge

Santamouris M, (ed.), 2004, Energy performance of residential buildings: A practical guide for energy rating and efficiency, Earthscan,

Santamouris M, (ed.), 2004, Cooling the cities, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Paris

Santamouris M, (ed.), 2003, Solar Thermal Technologies for Buildings The State of the Art, Earthscan

Santamouris M, (ed.), 2001, Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment, James & James (Science Publisher)/Earthscan

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