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Huang R; Xue H; Pagnucco M; Salim F; Song Y, 2023, Multimodal Trajectory Prediction: A Survey, ,

Fan L; Ding Y; Fan D; Di D; Pagnucco M; Song Y, 2022, GrainSpace: A Large-scale Dataset for Fine-grained and Domain-adaptive Recognition of Cereal Grains, ,

Bai Y; Wang J; Long Y; Hu B; Song Y; Pagnucco M; Guan Y, 2021, Discriminative Latent Semantic Graph for Video Captioning, ,

Hengst B; Pagnucco M; Rajaratnam D; Sammut C; Thielscher M, 2018, Perceptual Context in Cognitive Hierarchies, ,

Nakata NM; Hamacher DW; Warren J; Byrne A; Pagnucco M; Harley R; Venugopal S; Thorpe K; Neville R; Bolt R, 2014, Using Modern Technologies to Capture and Share Indigenous Astronomical Knowledge, ,

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