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Ebers M; Poncibò C; Zou M, 2022, PREFACE

Zou M, 2020, Chinese Contract Law and the 2020 Civil Code

Zou M, 2018, An Introduction to Chinese Contract Law

Book Chapters

Jon W; Zou M, 2024, 'A Critical Assessment of South Korea's Digital Assets Regulatory Framework', in Hunn P (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Digital Assets and the Law, Oxford University Press, Oxford

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Zou M; Zwart T, 2011, 'Rethinking human rights in China: Towards a receptor framework', in Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region: Towards Institution Building, pp. 249 - 263,

Edited Books

Zou M; Ebers M; Poncibò C; Calo R, (eds.), 2024, Cambridge Handbook on Generative AI and the Law, Cambridge University Press

Zou M; Ebers M; Poncibò C, (eds.), 2022, Contracting and Contract Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Hart / Bloomsbury Publishing,

Journal articles

Zivkovic P; McCurdy D; Zou M; Raymond A, 2023, 'Mind the gap: Tech-based dispute resolution for disputes in global supply blockchains', Business Horizons, 66, pp. 13 - 26,

Zou M; Wang Y; Wu Z, 2022, 'Force majeure and Covid-19: A Critical Assessment of Key Issues under the Chinese Civil Code', Journal of Contract Law, 38, pp. 61 - 78,

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Zou M, 2020, 'Smart Courts in China and the Future of Personal Injury Litigation', Journal of Personal Injury Law

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Zou M, 2016, 'China’s Fragmented Occupational Safety and Health Regime: An Analysis of The Work Safety Law and The Occupational Diseases Law', LAWASIA Journal, pp. 1 - 18,

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