Select Publications

Edited Books

Gladston P; Howarth-Gladston L; Kuo J, (eds.), 2023, Rethinking the Curation of Chinese Contemporary Art: “post-West” artworlds, political economies, spatial practices and historiographies, Palgrave-Macmillan

Gladston P; Jin H, (ed.), 2023, Translation Studies and China, Routledge

Gladston P; Kennedy-Schtyk B; Turner M, (eds.), 2021, Visual Culture Wars at the Borders of Contemporary China: Art, Design, Film, New Media and the Prospects of "Post-West" Contemporaneity, Palgrave Macmillan

Gladston P; Vigneron F; Howarth-Gladston L; Koon YK; Wang C, (eds.), 2020, Contemporary East Asian Visual Cultures, Societies and Politics (book series, 2020-ongoing), Palgrave Macmillan,

Gladston P; Lu D, (ed.), 2017, Journal for Cultural Research - special edition ‘Art, Curatorial Practice and Social Engagement in Contemporary China’

Gladston P, (ed.), 2015, Modern China Studies - special edition ‘Cultural Translation and Contemporary Chinese Visual Culture’

Gladston P, (ed.), 2014, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (three volumes, 2014-2017)

Gladston P; Hill K, (ed.), 2012, Journal of Contemporary Art Practice - special edition ‘Contemporary Chinese Art and Criticality’, Intellect

Gladston P, (ed.), 2009, China and Other Spaces: Selected Essays from the Research Seminar Series of the Institute of Comparative Cultural Studies, Ningbo 2005-07, CCCP

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