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Tato MI; Stanley P; Fontana LED; Mclaughlin R, 2023, Falklands/Malvinas 1982 A War of Two Sides, Taylor & Francis

Stanley P, 2023, Hul! Hul!: The Suppression of the Santal Rebellion, Bloomsbury India, New Delhi

Stanley P, 2022, Hul! Hul! The Suppression of the Santal Rebellion in British India 1855, Hurst & Company, London

Stanley P, 2019, 'Terriers' in India British Territorials 1914-19, Helion & Co., Solihull,

Stanley P, 2017, The Crying Years: Australia's Great War, National Library of Australia, Canberra

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Stanley PETER; Connor J; Yule P, 2015, The War at Home: Volume IV, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Stanley P, 2015, Die in Battle, Do not Despair: the Indians on Gallipoli, 1915, Helion & Company, Solihull (UK)

Stanley P; Stevens T, 2014, Welch Calypso, Stanley P, (ed.), Helion & Company, Solihull (UK)

Stanley P, 2014, Lost Boys of Anzac, NewSouth, Sydney,

Stanley P, 2013, Black Saturday at Steels Creek, Scribe Publications, Melbourne

Stanley P; Stanley P, 2011, Digger Smith and Australia's Great War, Allen & Unwin

Stanley P, 2011, Simpson's Donkey, Allen & Unwin

Stanley P, 2010, Bad Characters, Allen & Unwin

Stanley P, 2009, Commando to Colditz, Allen & Unwin

Stanley P, 2009, Men of Mont St Quentin, Scribe Publications

Stanley P, 2008, Invading Australia: Japan and the battle for Australia, 1942, Penguin Viking

Stanley P, 2005, Borneo 1942-1945: Australia in the Pacific War, Dept. of Veterans'Affairs, Canberra

Stanley P, 2005, Quinn`s Post, Anzac, Gallipoli, Allen and Unwin, St Leonards, NSW

Stanley P, 2004, Whyalla at War, East Street Publications, Adelaide

Stanley P; Stanley P, 2003, For Fear of Pain: British Surgery 1790-1850, Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam

Stanley P, 2003, For Fear of Pain: British Surgery 1790-1850, Rodopi Press, Amsterdam

Stanley P; Johnston M, 2002, Alamein: the Australian Story, Oxford University Press

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Stanley P; Stanley P, 1985, A Guide to the Australian War Memorial, John Ferguson

Stanley P; Stanley P, 1985, But Little Glory: the NSW Contingent to the Sudan, 1885, Stanley P, (ed.), Military Historical Society of Australia, Canberra

Stanley P, 1985, Bomber Command, Hodder & Stoughton

Stanley P; McKernan M, 1984, Australians at War 1885-1972, William Collins

Stanley P; Memorial AW, 1983, What did you do in the war, Daddy? a visual history of propaganda posters, Oxford Univ Pr

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