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Harley RR; Elias A; Tsoutas N, 2015, Camouflage cultures: beyond the art of disappearance, Sydney University Press, Sydney

Fuller GM; Harley RB, 2004, Aviopolis: a book about airports, Original, Black Dog Publishing, United Kingdom

Book Chapters

Harley R, 2013, 'Airportals: The functional significance of stillness in the junkspace of airports', in Stillness in a Mobile World, pp. 38 - 50,

Harley R, 2013, 'Australian Video Art Histories: A Media Arts Archeology for the Future', in Cubitt S; Thomas P (ed.), Relive: Media Art Histories, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, pp. 221 - 231

Harley RB, 2011, 'The Protocological Surround: Reconceptualizing Radio and Architecture in the Wireless City', in Foth M; Forlano L; Satchell C; Gibbs M (ed.), From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen: Urban Informatics, Social Media, Ubiquitous Computing, and mobile Technology to Support Citizen Engagement, edn. Original, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, pp. 39 - 55

Harley RB, 2010, 'Distribution/Network/Configuration: A Photo Essay on Operating Control', in Thomas AR (ed.), Supply Chain Security: International Practices and Innovations in Moving Goods Safely and Efficiently, edn. 1, Praeger, California, pp. 211 - 227,

Fuller G, 2008, '> store > forward >: Architectures of a future tense', in Aeromobilities, pp. 63 - 75,

Harley RB, 2008, 'Australian Electronica; A Brief History', in Sounds of Then, Sounds of Now: Popular Music in Australia, edn. Original, ACYS Publishing, Hobart

Harley RB, 2008, 'Terminal Insecurity: A Photo Essay', in Aviation Security Management: The Elements of Aviation Security Management Volume 2, edn. First Edition, Praeger Security Internatinal, Westport, Connecticut, USA, pp. 187 - 194

Harley RB, 2008, '`From Open Circuits to Open Distribution: Can Video Artists Adopt FLOSS Stragies as their Own?``', in Mansoux A; Valk BD (ed.), Floss + Art, edn. First Edition, GOTO10 with Open Mute, France, pp. 170 - 179

Harley RB, 1998, 'Creating a sonic character:non-deigetic sound in the Mad Max trilogy', in Screen scores: studies in contemporary Australian film music, edn. Original, AFTRS, Sydney, pp. 16 - 28

Journal articles

Nakata NM; Hamacher DW; Warren J; Byrne A; Pagnucco M; Harley R; Venugopal S; Thorpe K; Neville R; Bolt R, 2014, 'Using Modern Technologies to Capture and Share Indigenous Astronomical Knowledge', Australian Academic & Research Libraries, vol. 45, pp. 101 - 110,

Harley RR, 2011, 'Can open learning have a future in the university?', Leonardo, vol. 44, pp. 168 - 169,

Harley RR, 2009, 'Light-Air-Portals: Visual Notes on Differential Mobility', M/C Journal, vol. 12,

Harley RB, 2009, 'Cultural Modulation and the Zero Originality Clause of Remix Culture in Australian Contemporary Art', Fibreculture Journal, vol. 2009,

Harley RB, 2008, 'Surf Club Craig Golding Book Review', Photofile, vol. 83, pp. 77 - 77

Harley RB, 2007, 'Terminal Immersion', Visual Communication, vol. 6:2, pp. 180 - 202,

Harley RB, 2007, 'Australian Electronica: A Brief History', Culture Machine, vol. 9

Murphie AK; Harley RB, 2007, 'Rhythms and Refrains: A Brief History of Australian Electronica', Culture Machine, vol. 9, pp. Online

Harley RB, 2006, 'Alt Archive: The Remix', Photofile, vol. 78, pp. 40 - 43

Fuller GM; Harley RB, 2005, 'SYD: the city as airport', SCAN - Journal of Media Arts and Culture, vol. 2, pp. Online

Harley RB, 2000, 'Roller coaster planet: kinetic experience in the age of mechanical transportation', Convergence-The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, vol. 6, pp. 77 - 95,

Harley R, 2000, 'Convergence: Editorial', Convergence, vol. 6, pp. 5 - 8,

Harley R, 1999, 'Editorial: Before and after cinema', Convergence, vol. 5, pp. 5 - 7,

Harley RB, 1997, 'Cardoso Flea Circus Video', Cantrills Filmnotes, pp. 4 - 8

Harley RB, 1997, 'Entertainment of wonders and the conflux of apparent miracles: Magic, cinema and illusion in turn of the century performance', Metro, vol. 113/114, pp. 48 - 54

Harley R, 1996, 'That's interaction!: Audience participation in entertainment monopolies', Convergence, vol. 2, pp. 103 - 123,

Conference Papers

Harley RB, 2009, '“Open Learning Networks in Media Arts Education”,', in Scoping Study for a National New Media/Electronic Arts Network, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, presented at MASS Symposium, Melbourne University,VCA, 04 July 2009 - 05 July 2009

Harley RB, 2007, 'Totally Busted: Do We Need a You Tube for Video Art?', in Move on Asia, Move on Asia, Seoul, South Korea, presented at Move on Asia, Seoul, South Korea, 01 November 2007

Curatorial Outputs

Del Favero D; Harley R; Bennett J; Thielscher M; Brown NC; Stockings C; Kuchelmeister V; MacGregor A; Reid R, 2015, Retrospect: War, Family, Afghanistan, exhibited at: ABC Radio, Australia, - , Retrospect: War, Family, Afghanistan (radio series),

Recorded / Rendered Creative Works

Del Favero D; Harley R; Bennett J; Thielscher M; Brown N; Stockings C; Reid R, 2016, Retrospect, Retrospect: War, Family Afghanistan, Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Published: 01 July 2016, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,

Harley RB, 1997, R. Facundo, Quien es? Que es/, exhibition and videotape,, Video, Published: 1997, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works

Harley RB, 1997, Cardoso Flea Circus, videotape, 8 minutes, Video, Published: 1997, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works

Creative Works (non-textual)

Harley RB, 2008, Stick Insects, Biomimicry, Bernice Steinbaum, Miami, 01 January 2008

Harley RB, 2008, Emu Wear & Stick Insect videos, Mimicry, 01 January 2008

Harley RB, 2007, The Forgotten Adventures of Krazy Kat, Artist makes Video: art rage survey 1994-1998, 01 January 2007

Harley RB, 2007, SynCity: Remixing three generations of sample culture, Remixing Three Generations of Sample Culture, 01 January 2007

Harley RB, 2007, Cardosa Flea Circus Installation, 01 January 2007

Harley RB, 2006, SynCity, SynCity, 01 January 2006

Harley RB, 2005, changing spaces, 01 January 2005

Harley RB, 2005, Elastic An Archive Project, 01 January 2005

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