Select Publications


Khan SJ, 2013, Drinking Water Through Recycling: The Benefits and Costs of Supplying Direct to the Distribution System, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE),

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Khan SJ, 2010, Quantitative Chemical Exposure Assessment for Water Recycling Schemes., National Water Commission, Canberra,

Bixio D; Weemaes M; Thoeye C; Ravazzini A; Miska V; De Koning J; Cikurel H; Aharoni A; Muston M; Khan SJ; Dillon P; Schafer A; Joksimovic D; Savic D; Wintgens T; Tings A; Kazner C; Lyko S; Melin T, 2006, Water Reuse System Management Manual Aquarec, European Communities/European Commission, Belgium,

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