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Farzanehsa MSZ; Khan SJ; Carvajal G; McDonald J, 2023, Predicting the Concentration Range of Trace Organic Contaminants in Water Using Machine Learning, ,

Braine M; Kearmes M; Khan SJ, 2023, Quality and Risk Management Frameworks for Biosolids an Assessment of Current International Practice, ,

Li X; Liu H; Gao L; Sherchan S; Zhou T; Khan S; Loosdrecht MV; Wang Q, 2022, Wastewater-based epidemiology predicts COVID-19-induced hospital and ICU admission numbers in over 100 USA counties, ,

Hajibabania S; Verliefde A; Drewes JE; Nghiem LD; McDonald J; Khan S; Le-Clech P, 2011, Effect of fouling on removal of trace organic compounds by nanofiltration, ,

Mansouri J; Huang S; McDonald J; Khan SJ; Leslie GL; Tang CY; Fane AG, Polydopamine Coating Enables Single-Scan Printing of Polyamide Membranes by Electrospray Technique, ,

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