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Eady S; Khan S; Kearnes M, 2022, Let’s Talk About Water: A community consultation on options for future water security for the Uralla Shire, ZNet Uralla & UNSW, Uralla,

Higgins P; Andersen M; Holley C; Howey K; Johnson F; Kearnes M; Khan S; Leslie G; Molloy S, 2021, Monitoring the Monitor: A Temporal Synthesis of the McArthur River Mine Independent Monitor Reports, UNSW-GWI & Environment Centre NT, Sydney,,

Niven R; Khan S; Taylor M; Wilson S; Wright I, 2019, Summary and Position Paper: The need for a Commonwealth Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) for enforcement of the regulation of environmental contaminants,,

Khan S; Wiedmann T; Hadjikakou M; Stanford B; Ishii S; Johns G, 2018, Comprehensive Analysis of Alternative Water Supply Projects Compared to Direct Potable Reuse, The Water Research Foundation, Alexandria, VA, Reuse-14-03/ 4761

Khan S; Waller S; Craddock P; Miller E, 2018, From Collection Systems to Tap:Resilience of Treatment Processes for Direct Potable Reuse, The Water Research Foundation, Alexandria, VA, USA, Reuse-14-13/ 4766

Walker T; Standford BD; Khan SJ; Robillot C; Snyder S; Valerdi R; Dwivedi S; Vickers J, 2016, Critical Control Point Assessment to Quantify Robustness and Reliability of Multiple Treatment Barriers of a DPR Scheme, Alexandria, VA.

Khan SJ; Byrnes K, 2016, Strategic Analysis of Water Quality in the Parramatta River: How should recreational water quality in the Parramatta River be assessed?

Roser D; Carvajal G; Van den Akker B; Keegan A; Regal R; Khan SJ, 2015, National Validation Guidelines for Water Recycling: Comprehensive Bayesian Recycled Water Validation. A report of a study funded by the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence.

Stanford BD; Wright B; Routt JC; Debroux JF; Khan SJ, 2014, Water Quality Impacts of Extreme Weather-Related Events, Water Research Foundation,

Chapman H; Leusch FD; Prochazka E; Cumming J; Ross V; Humpage A; Froscio S; Laingam S; Khan SJ; Trinh T; McDonald J, 2011, A national approach to health risk assessment, risk communication and management of chemical hazards from recycled water, the National Water Commission, Canberra,

Khan SJ; Mcdonald J; Trinh TT; Drewes JE, 2010, Replacement Flows- Chemical Risk Assessment

Reitsema T; Nice H; Leusch FD; Quayle P; Chapman H; Khan SJ; Trinh T; Coleman H; Rawson C; Gagnon MM; Blair P, 2010, Development of an ecotoxicity toolbox to characterise water quality for recycling, Government of Western Australia, Perth,

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