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Madden A; Lennon P; Hogan C; Getty M; Hopwood M; Neale J; Treloar C, 2019, 'Patient-reported measures as a justice project through involvement of service-user researchers', in Aggleton P; Broom A; Moss J (ed.), Practical Justice: Principles, Practice and Social Change, Routledge, pp. 190 - 199,

Treloar C, 2014, 'Applying Principles of Mindlessness-Mindfulness Theory and Drug-Injecting Behavior', in The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness, pp. 818 - 833,

Hopwood MN; Treloar C, 2013, 'International Policies to Reduce Illicit Drug-Related Harm and Illicit Drug Use', in Interventions for addiction: Comprehensive addictive behaviors and disorders, Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc, San Diego, USA, pp. 735 - 743,

Loveday S; Treloar C; Elek C; Hopwood MN, 2005, 'Discrimination to the consumer', in Australian Society for HIV Medicine (ed.), HIV and viral hepatitis: Legal, ethical and human rights issues, edn. Original, Australian Society for HIV Medicine, Sydney, pp. 43 - 56

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