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Kelly PJ; Beck AK; Deane FP; Larance B; Baker AL; Hides L; Manning V; Shakeshaft A; Neale J; Kelly JF; Oldmeadow C; Searles A; Palazzi K; Lawson K; Treloar C; Gray RM; Argent A; McGlaughlin R, 2020, Feasibility of a Mobile Health App for Routine Outcome Monitoring and Feedback in SMART Recovery Mutual Support Groups: Stage 1 Mixed Methods Pilot Study (Preprint), ,

Reilly R; McKetin R; Wand H; Butt J; Smout M; Ezard N; Conigrave K; Quinn B; Treloar C; Gray D; Dunlop A; Wilkes E; Ward J, 2019, ‘We Can Do This’: a web-based therapeutic program for reducing methamphetamine use and increasing help-seeking amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: Wait-list control, randomised trial protocol (Preprint), ,

Hajarizadeh B; Grebely J; Byrne M; Marks P; Amin J; McManus H; Butler T; Cunningham EB; Vickerman P; Martin NK; McHutchison JG; Brainard DM; Treloar C; Chambers GM; Grant L; Mcgrath C; Lloyd AR; Dore GJ; Group S-CS, Reduced Hepatitis C Incidence Associated with Rapid Treatment Scale-Up in Australian Prisons: Treatment-as-Prevention in the SToP-C Study, ,

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