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Zhang Y; Fan W; Yang J; Guan H; Zhang Q; Qin X; Duan C; de Boo GG; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Sellars MJ; Rogge S; Yin C; Du J, 2022, Photoionization detection of a single Er$^{3+}$ ion with sub-100-ns time resolution, ,

Mikhail D; Voisin B; Medar DDS; Buchs G; Rogge S; Rachel S, 2022, Quasiparticle excitations in a one-dimensional interacting topological insulator: Application for dopant-based quantum simulation, ,

Yang J; Fan W; Zhang Y; Duan C; Boo GGD; Ahlefeldt RL; Longdell JJ; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Sellars MJ; Rogge S; Yin C; Du J, 2022, The Zeeman and hyperfine interactions of a single $^{167}Er^{3+}$ ion in Si, ,

Yang J; Wang J; Fan W; Zhang Y; Duan C; Hu G; Boo GGD; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Rogge S; Yin C; Du J, 2022, Spectral broadening of a single Er$^{3+}$ ion in a Si nano-transistor, ,

Joch DJ; Slussarenko S; Wang Y; Pepper A; Xie S; Xu B-B; Berkman IR; Rogge S; Pryde GJ, 2021, Certified Random Number Generation from Quantum Steering, ,

Voisin B; Ng KSH; Salfi J; Usman M; Wong JC; Tankasala A; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Hutin L; Bertrand B; Vinet M; Valanoor N; Simmons MY; Rahman R; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2021, Valley population of donor states in highly strained silicon, ,

Hu G; Ahlefeldt RL; de Boo GG; Lyasota A; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Sellars MJ; Yin C; Rogge S, 2021, Optical and Zeeman spectroscopy of individual Er ion pairs in silicon, ,

Berkman IR; Lyasota A; de Boo GG; Bartholomew JG; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Xu B-B; Xie S; Ahlefeldt RL; Sellars MJ; Yin C; Rogge S, 2021, Sub-megahertz homogeneous linewidth for Er in Si via in situ single photon detection, ,

Voisin B; Salfi J; Rahman R; Rogge S, 2021, Novel characterisation of dopant-based qubits, ,

Voisin B; Bocquel J; Tankasala A; Usman M; Salfi J; Rahman R; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2021, Valley interference and spin exchange at the atomic scale in silicon, ,

Krauth FN; Gorman SK; He Y; Jones MT; Macha P; Kocsis S; Chua C; Voisin B; Rogge S; Rahman R; Chung Y; Simmons MY, 2021, Flopping-mode electric dipole spin resonance in phosphorus donor qubits in silicon, ,

Osika EN; Kocsis S; Hsueh Y-L; Monir S; Chua C; Lam H; Voisin B; Rogge S; Rahman R, 2021, Spin-photon coupling for atomic qubit devices in silicon, ,

Xu B-B; de Boo GG; Johnson BC; Rančić M; Bedoya AC; Morrison B; McCallum JC; Eggleton BJ; Sellars MJ; Yin C; Rogge S, 2020, Ultra-shallow junction electrodes in low-loss silicon micro-ring resonators, ,

Holmes D; Johnson BC; Chua C; Voisin B; Kocsis S; Rubanov S; Robson SG; McCallum JC; McCamey DR; Rogge S; Jamieson DN, 2020, Isotopic enrichment of silicon by high fluence $^{28}$Si$^-$ ion implantation, ,

Ng KSH; Voisin B; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Salfi J; Rogge S, 2020, Scanned single-electron probe inside a silicon electronic device, ,

de Boo GG; Yin C; Rančić M; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Sellars M; Rogge S, 2019, High resolution spectroscopy of individual erbium ions in strong magnetic fields, ,

Wang Z; Marcellina E; Hamilton AR; Cullen JH; Rogge S; Salfi J; Culcer D, 2019, Optimal operation points for ultrafast, highly coherent Ge hole spin-orbit qubits, ,

Everts J; King GGG; Lambert N; Kocsis S; Rogge S; Longdell JJ, 2019, Ultrastrong coupling between a microwave resonator and antiferromagnetic resonances of rare earth ion spins, ,

Philippopoulos P; Chesi S; Salfi J; Rogge S; Coish WA, 2019, Hole-Spin-Echo Envelope Modulations, ,

Bayat A; Voisin B; Buchs G; Salfi J; Rogge S; Bose S, 2019, Certification of spin-based quantum simulators, ,

Kobayashi T; Salfi J; van der Heijden J; Chua C; House MG; Culcer D; Hutchison WD; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Riemann H; Abrosimov NV; Becker P; Pohl H-J; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2018, Engineering long spin coherence times of spin-orbit systems, ,

Pakkiam P; Timofeev AV; House MG; Hogg MR; Kobayashi T; Koch M; Rogge S; Simmons MY, 2018, Single-shot single-gate RF spin readout in silicon, ,

Zhang Q; Hu G; de Boo GG; Rancic M; Johnson BC; McCallum JC; Du J; Sellars MJ; Yin C; Rogge S, 2018, Single rare-earth ions as atomic-scale probes in ultra-scaled transistors, ,

Rossi A; Klochan J; Timoshenko J; Hudson FE; Möttönen M; Rogge S; Dzurak AS; Kashcheyevs V; Tettamanzi GC, 2018, Gigahertz Single-Electron Pumping Mediated by Parasitic States, ,

Usman M; Voisin B; Salfi J; Rogge S; Hollenberg LCL, 2017, Towards visualisation of central-cell-effects in scanning-tunnelling-microscope images of subsurface dopant qubits in silicon, ,

Salfi J; Voisin B; Tankasala A; Bocquel J; Usman M; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rahman R; Rogge S, 2017, Valley filtering and spatial maps of coupling between silicon donors and quantum dots, ,

Abadillo-Uriel JC; Salfi J; Hu X; Rogge S; Calderón MJ; Culcer D, 2017, Entanglement control and magic angles for acceptor qubits in Si, ,

Tankasala A; Salfi J; Bocquel J; Voisin B; Usman M; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S; Rahman R, 2017, Two-electron states of a group V donor in silicon from atomistic full configuration interaction, ,

van der Heijden J; Kobayashi T; House MG; Salfi J; Barraud S; Lavieville R; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2017, Spin-orbit dynamics of single acceptor atoms in silicon, ,

Tettamanzi GC; Hile SJ; House MG; Fuechsle M; Rogge S; Simmons MY, 2017, Probing the Quantum States of a Single Atom Transistor at Microwave Frequencies, ,

Klymenko MV; Rogge S; Remacle F, 2016, Linear and planar molecules formed by coupled P donors in silicon, ,

Klymenko MV; Rogge S; Remacle F, 2016, Multi-valley envelope function equations and effective potentials for P impurity in silicon, ,

van der Heijden J; Tettamanzi GC; Rogge S, 2016, Dynamics of a single-atom electron pump, ,

Salfi J; Tong M; Rogge S; Culcer D, 2016, Quantum Computing with Acceptor Spins in Silicon, ,

Agundez R; Hill CD; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S; Blaauboer M, 2016, Superadiabatic quantum state transfer in spin chains, ,

Kobayashi T; van der Heijden J; House MG; Hile SJ; Asshoff P; Gonzalez-Zalba MF; Vinet M; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2016, Resonant tunneling spectroscopy of valley eigenstates on a hybrid double quantum dot, ,

Usman M; Bocquel J; Salfi J; Voisin B; Tankasala A; Rahman R; Simmons MY; Rogge S; Hollenberg LLC, 2016, Spatial Metrology of Dopants in Silicon with Exact Lattice Site Precision, ,

Rahman R; Verduijn J; Wang Y; Yin C; De Boo G; Klimeck G; Rogge S, 2015, Bulk and sub-surface donor bound excitons in silicon under electric fields, ,

Hile SJ; House MG; Peretz E; Verduijn J; Widmann D; Kobayashi T; Rogge S; Simmons MY, 2015, Radio frequency reflectometry and charge sensing of a precision placed donor in silicon, ,

Salfi J; Mol JA; Culcer D; Rogge S, 2015, Charge-insensitive single-atom spin-orbit qubit in silicon, ,

Saraiva AL; Salfi J; Bocquel J; Voisin B; Rogge S; Capaz RB; Calderón MJ; Koiller B, 2015, Donor Wavefunctions in Si Gauged by STM Images, ,

Salfi J; Mol JA; Rahman R; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Hollenberg LCL; Rogge S, 2015, Quantum Simulation of the Hubbard Model with Dopant Atoms in Silicon, ,

Purches WE; Rossi A; Zhao R; Kafanov S; Duty TL; Dzurak AS; Rogge S; Tettamanzi GC, 2015, A planar Al-Si Schottky Barrier MOSFET operated at cryogenic temperatures, ,

Usman M; Hill CD; Rahman R; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rogge S; Hollenberg LCL, 2015, Strain and Electric Field Control of Hyperfine Interactions for Donor Spin Qubits in Silicon, ,

Urdampilleta M; Chatterjee A; Lo CC; Kobayashi T; Mansir J; Barraud S; Betz AC; Rogge S; Gonzalez-Zalba MF; Morton JJL, 2015, Charge dynamics and spin blockade in a hybrid double quantum dot in silicon, ,

Mol JA; Salfi J; Rahman R; Hsueh Y; Miwa JA; Klimeck G; Simmons MY; Rogge S, 2015, Interface-induced heavy-hole/light-hole splitting of acceptors in silicon, ,

Voisin B; Salfi J; Bocquel J; Rahman R; Rogge S, 2015, Spatially resolved resonant tunneling on single atoms in silicon, ,

Fernandez-Gonzalvo X; Chen Y-H; Yin C; Rogge S; Longdell JJ, 2015, Coherent frequency up-conversion of microwaves to the optical telecommunications band in an Er:YSO crystal, ,

Usman M; Rahman R; Salfi J; Bocquel J; Voisin B; Rogge S; Klimeck G; Hollenberg LLC, 2014, Donor hyperfine Stark shift and the role of central-cell corrections in tight-binding theory, ,

Agundez R; Salfi J; Rogge S; Blaauboer M, 2014, Local Kondo temperatures in atomic chains, ,

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