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Book Chapters

Kelly C, 2023, 'Art Music Video and the Gallery', in Traveling Music Videos, Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 107 - 120,

Kelly C, 2021, 'Imperfection in Experimental Instruments and Their Performances', in Imperfections: Studies in Mistakes, Flaws, and Failures, Bloomsbury Academic, New York, pp. 149 - 164,

Kelly C; Van Gelder P, 2020, 'Livening Things Up: Australian Hand Built Electronic Instruments', in Collins N (ed.), Handmade Electronic Instruments: The Art of Hardware Hacking, Routledge, London,

Kelly C, 2019, 'A Brief Introduction to the Sound Arts in Australia', in Weibel P (ed.), Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., pp. 668 - 675,

Kelly C, 2011, 'Art sonore ou son dans l’art?', in Gonseth M-O (ed.), Bruits: Echos  du  patrimoine  culturel  immatériel, Musée d'ethnographie, Neuchâtel, pp. 120 - 125

Kelly C, 2011, 'Sound in Art', in Kelly C (ed.), Sound, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.

Kelly C, 2008, 'The Performance of Australian Experimental Musics: From Shattered Glass to Feedback Instruments.', in Homan S; Mitchell T (ed.), Sounds of then, sounds of now: Popular Music in Australia, ACYS Publishing, Hobart

Kelly C, 2007, 'Yasunao Tone: Technology/Noise', in Shiner E; Tomii R (ed.), Making A Home: Japanese Contemporary Arts in New York, Yale University Press, New York

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