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Journal articles

Kelly C, 2018, 'Materials of Sound: Sound As (More Than) Sound', Journal of Sonic Studies,

Kelly C; Gibson R, 2013, 'Contemporary Art & The Noise of TENDING', Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture,

Kelly C; Poladian L; Barbour MB, 2013, 'Resource Use and the Study Habits in a First-Year Mathematics Service Unit', Proceedings of The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education,

Kelly C, 2003, 'Damaged Sound: Glitching and Skipping Compact Discs in the Audio of Yasunao Tone, Nicolas Collins and Oval.', Leonardo Music Journal, vol. 13, pp. 47 - 52

Kelly C, 2003, 'The Object of Performance: Performativity in Contemporary Laptop Performance', Contemporary Music Review, vol. 22, pp. 59 - 65

Kelly C, 2002, 'Yasunao Tone’s Wounded and Skipping Compact Discs: From Improvisation and Indeterminate Composition to Glitching CDs', Leonardo Electronic Almanac, vol. 10

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