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Select Publications

Creative Written Works

Kelly C, 2020, Immateriality, Sound and the Art Gallery, AUDIOSPHERE: Social Experimental Audio, Reina Sofía National Museum of Contemporary Art, Spain,

Kelly C, 2019, Assembling Music, Angelica Mesiti, Assembly, Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Catalogue, Australia Council for the Arts

Kelly C, 2018, Material Sound: Sound as more than Sound, Material Sound (catalogue), Murray Arts Museum Albury

Kelly C, 2017, Between Air and Electricity: Microphones and Loudspeakers as Musical Instruments., Journal of Sonic Studies,

Kelly C, 2017, Everyday Materials: Ross Manning’s Dissonant Materiality, Dissonant Rhythms, Institute of Modern Art

Kelly C, 2015, Field Day, Listening and its not, Patrick Farmer , (ed.), SARU & Compost and Height

Kelly C, 2014, Materials, Das Super Paper, no.33, Kelly C, (ed.),

Kelly C, 2014, Sound and Art, Oxford Art Online, Grove Dictionary of Art, Oxford University Press,

Kelly C, 2014, Thoughts on the Representation of Sound, Wolf Notes,

Kelly C, 2013, Sound Full: Sound in Contemporary Australian and New Zealand Art, Sound Full: Sound in Contemporary Australian and New Zealand Art, Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Kelly C, 2012, Sound [is] in the visual arts, Sonic Spheres: TarraWarra Biennial 2012, Lynn V, (ed.), TarraWarra Museum of Art

Kelly C, 2010, supercool, Broadsheet, 39.2

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