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Hasebe K; Kendig M; Kaakoush N; Tajaddini A; Westbrook F; Morris M, 2024, Impact of maternal obesogenic diet on maternal and offspring microbiome development, ,

Chen-Liaw A; Aggarwala V; Mogno I; Haifer C; Li Z; Eggers J; Helmus D; Hart A; Wehkamp J; Lamousé-Smith ESN; Kerby RL; Rey FE; Colombel JF; Kamm MA; Borody TJ; Grinspan A; Paramsothy S; Kaakoush NO; Dubinsky MC; Faith JJ, 2022, Gut microbiota bacterial strain richness is species specific and limits therapeutic engraftment, ,

Hasebe K; Kendig M; Kaakoush N; Tajaddini A; Westbrook F; Morris M, 2021, The Influence of Maternal Unhealthy Diet On Maturation of Offspring Gut Microbiota in Rat, ,

Faith JJ; Chen-Liaw A; Aggarwala V; Kaakoush NO; Borody TJ; Mitchell H; Kamm MA; Paramsothy S; Snitkin ES; Mogno I, 2020, Strain population structure varies widely across bacterial species and predicts strain colonization in unrelated individuals, ,

Britton GJ; Contijoch EJ; Spindler MP; Aggarwala V; Bongers G; Mateo LS; Baltus A; Das A; Gevers D; Borody TJ; Kaakoush NO; Kamm MA; Mitchell H; Paramsothy S; Clemente JC; Colombel J-F; Dubinsky MC; Grinspan A; Faith JJ, 2019, Defined microbiota transplant restores Th17/RORγt+ regulatory T cell balance in mice colonized with inflammatory bowel disease microbiotas, ,

Haifer C; Paramosthy S; Kaakoush NO; Saikal A; Ghaly S; Luu LDW; Borody TJ; Leong RW, Lyophilised Oral Faecal Microbiota Transplantation in Ulcerative Colitis - a Randomised Placebo-Controlled Trial, ,

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