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Kasparian NA; Shermann K, 2013, 'My Genes are my Destiny”: Psychosocial Aspects of Genetic Risk Assessment for Illness Susceptibility', in Caltabiano ML; Ricciardelli L (ed.), Applied Topics in Health Psychology, edn. Ist, Wiley-Blackwell, Sydney, pp. 171 - 184

Kasparian NA; Butow PN, 2012, 'Psychological responses and coping strategies in patients with skin cancer', in Rigel DS; Cockerell CJ; Friedman R; Lim H (ed.), Cancer of the Skin, edn. 2nd, Elsevier, London,

Kasparian NA; Butow PN, 2011, 'Chapter 62 Psychological Responses and Coping Strategies in Skin Cancer Patients', in Cancer of the Skin, Elsevier, pp. 662 - 667,

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