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Ayres P; Juan C. C-A; Wong M; Marcus N; Paas F, 2019, 'Factors That Impact on The Effectiveness of Instructional Animations.', in Tindall-Ford S; Agostinho S; Sweller J (ed.), Advances in Cognitive Load Theory Rethinking Teaching, Routledge, London

Ben-Naim D; Velan GM; Marcus N; Bain M, 2010, 'Adaptive Tutorials for Virtual Microscopy: A Design Paradigm to Promote Pedagogical Ownership.', in Aleven V; Kay J; Mostow J (ed.), Intelligent Tutoring Systems 10th International Conference, ITS 2010, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, June 14-18, 2010, Proceedings, Springer Science & Business Media, pp. 266 - 268,

Pass F; Gog TV; Kirschner F; Marcus N; Ayres PL; Sweller J, 2008, 'Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cognitive Load Research as a Key to Tackle Challenges', in Zumbach J (ed.), Beyond Knowledge: The Legacy of Competence, edn. 1, Springer, Speringr-Veriag New York, pp. 1 - 9,

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