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Stephenson N; Chaukra S; Katz I; Heywood A, 2020, 'Newspaper coverage of childhood immunisation in Australia', in Media Analysis and Public Health, Routledge, pp. 106 - 117,

Stephenson N; Kippax S, 2017, 'Memory Work', in Willig C (ed.), The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology, pp. 122 - 141

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Papadopoulos D; Stephenson N, 2007, 'Travelling experience: Rethinking the limits of empirical evidence in social science', in Deventer V; Blanche T; Fourie ; Segalo (ed.), Citizen City: Between Constructing Agent and Constructing Agency, edn. 1, Captus, York, Canada, pp. 128 - 139

Stephenson N, 2005, 'Interrogating the political value of psychology', in Contemporary Theorizing in Psychology: Global Perspectives, edn. 1, Captus Press Inc., York, pp. 124 - 131

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