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Williamson S; Taylor H, 2022, Examining the Impacts of a University's Athena Swan Program: A qualitative study

Buick F; Glennie M; Dickinson H; Blackman D; Williamson S; Weeratunga V; Tani M, 2022, Flexible working in the Australian Capital Territory Public Service (ACTPS),

Williamson S, 2022, Senior Women Leaders in a State Public Sector

Williamson S; Colley L, 2022, Working during the Pandemic: The future of work is hybrid, Public Service Research Group, Canberra, Australia,

Williamson S; Pearce A; Dickinson H; Weeratunga V; Bucknall F, 2021, Future of Work Literature Review: Emerging trends and issues, Public Service Research Group, UNSW Canberra, Canberra,

McDermott V; Williamson S; Connor J; Yates S; Williams J; Beacham L; May K, 2021, A Program Logic to Progress Gender Inclusion and Capability in the Australian Defence Force

Williamson S; Yates S; Connor J; McDermott V; May K, 2021, Progressing Gender Inclusion in the ADF

Connor J; Williamson S; McDermott V; Yates S; Noack-Lundberg K; May K, 2021, Benchmarking Gender Equality in the Australian Defence Force, Department of Defence, Canberra

Colley L; Williamson S, 2020, Working during the Pandemic: From resistance to revolution?, UNSW Canberra, Canberra, Australia,

Williamson S; Colley L; Foley M; Cooper R, 2018, The Role of Middle Managers in Progressing Gender Equity in the Public Service, Public Service Research Group, UNSW Canberra, Canberra,

Williamson S; Foley M, 2017, Embedding gender equality in the Australian Public Service: Changing practices, changing cultures,

Foley M; Dewey L; Williamson S; Blackman D; Creagh A; Davidson L; Zhu M; Slay J, 2017, Women in Cyber Security Literature Review, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet,,

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