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Gill SS; Xu M; Ottaviani C; Patros P; Bahsoon R; Shaghaghi A; Golec M; Stankovski V; Wu H; Abraham A; Singh M; Mehta H; Ghosh SK; Baker T; Parlikad AK; Lutfiyya H; Kanhere SS; Sakellariou R; Dustdar S; Rana O; Brandic I; Uhlig S, 2022, 'AI for next generation computing: Emerging trends and future directions', Internet of Things (Netherlands), 19,

Maroof U; Shaghaghi A; Michelin R; Jha S, 2022, 'iRECOVer: Patch your IoT on-the-fly', Future Generation Computer Systems, 132, pp. 178 - 193,

Syed NF; Shah SW; Shaghaghi A; Anwar A; Baig Z; Doss R, 2022, 'Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA): A Comprehensive Survey', IEEE Access, 10, pp. 57143 - 57179,

Shah SW; Syed NF; Shaghaghi A; Anwar A; Baig Z; Doss R, 2021, 'LCDA: Lightweight Continuous Device-to-Device Authentication for a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)', Computers and Security, 108,

Stephens B; Shaghaghi A; Doss R; Kanhere SS, 2021, 'Detecting Internet of Things Bots: A Comparative Study', IEEE Access, 9, pp. 160391 - 160401,

Gill SS; Shaghaghi A, 2020, 'Security-aware autonomic allocation of cloud resources: A model, research trends, and future directions', Journal of Organizational and End User Computing, 32, pp. 15 - 22,

Ali Shah SW; Shaghaghi A; Kanhere SS; Zhang J; Anwar A; Doss R, 2020, 'Echo-id: Smart user identification leveraging inaudible sound signals', IEEE Access, 8, pp. 194508 - 194522,

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