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Gill SS; Xu M; Ottaviani C; Patros P; Bahsoon R; Shaghaghi A; Golec M; Stankovski V; Wu H; Abraham A; Singh M; Mehta H; Ghosh SK; Baker T; Parlikad AK; Lutfiyya H; Kanhere SS; Sakellariou R; Dustdar S; Rana O; Brandic I; Uhlig S, 2022, AI for Next Generation Computing: Emerging Trends and Future Directions, ,

Alvarez CAR; Shaghaghi A; Nguyen DD; Kanhere SS, 2021, Is this IoT Device Likely to be Secure? Risk Score Prediction for IoT Devices Using Gradient Boosting Machines, ,

Puggioni E; Shaghaghi A; Doss R; Kanhere SS, 2020, Towards Decentralized IoT Updates Delivery Leveraging Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge Proofs, ,

Shah SW; Syed NF; Shaghaghi A; Anwar A; Baig Z; Doss R, 2020, Towards a Lightweight Continuous Authentication Protocol for Device-to-Device Communication, ,

Abaid Z; Shaghaghi A; Gunawardena R; Seneviratne S; Seneviratne A; Jha S, 2020, Health Access Broker: Secure, Patient-Controlled Management of Personal Health Records in the Cloud, ,

Kamenski D; Shaghaghi A; Warren M; Kanhere SS, 2020, Attacking with bitcoin: Using Bitcoin to Build Resilient Botnet Armies, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kanhere SS; Kaafar MA; Jha S, 2018, Gwardar: Towards Protecting a Software-Defined Network from Malicious Network Operating Systems, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kanhere SS; Kaafar MA; Bertino E; Jha S, 2018, Gargoyle: A Network-based Insider Attack Resilient Framework for Organizations, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kaafar MA; Buyya R; Jha S, 2018, Software-Defined Network (SDN) Data Plane Security: Issues, Solutions and Future Directions, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kaafar MA; Jha S, 2017, WedgeTail: An Intrusion Prevention System for the Data Plane of Software Defined Networks, ,

Shaghaghi A; Ali M; Kaafar ; Scott-Hayward S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2016, Towards Policy Enforcement Point as a Service (PEPS), ,

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