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Fenichel EP; Milligan B; Porras I; Addicott ET; Árnasson R; Bordt M; Djavidnia S; Dvarskas A; Goldman E; Grimsrud K; Lange G-M; Matuszak J; Muawanah U; Quaas M; Soulard F; Vestergaard N; Zhang J, 2023, 'National Accounting for the Ocean and Ocean Economy', in The Blue Compendium, Springer International Publishing, pp. 279 - 307,

Bleby A; Holley C; Milligan B, 2021, 'Exploring the planetary boundaries and environmental law: historical development, interactions and synergies', in Kotzé L; French D (ed.), Research Handbook on Law, Governance and Planetary Boundaries, Edward Elgar, pp. 21 - 44,

Milligan B; Macrory R, 2018, 'The history and evolution of legal principles concerning the environment', in Principles of Environmental Law, Edward Elgar Publishing,

Yassin Mohammed E; Steinbach D; Steele P; Milligan B, 2017, 'Fiscal Reforms for Sustainable Marine Fisheries Governance: Institutional Frameworks and Design Essentials', in Handbook on the Economics and Management of Sustainable Oceans, Edward Elgar Publishing

Milligan B, 2013, 'Marine protected areas in Antarctic waters: a review of policy options in the context of international law', in The Limits of Maritime Jurisdiction, Brill

Milligan B, 2013, 'The Australia-Papua New Guinea Torres Strait Treaty: A model for co-operative management of the South China Sea?', in Beyond Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea: Legal Frameworks for the Joint Development of Hydrocarbon Resources, pp. 268 - 288,

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